Summary of your advantages

Saving your time
Allows you to concentrate on your business
Keeps you up to date everywhere
Personal fitted for you
Fastest service and high quality advices
No more late nights

Aim high for future!


No bookkeeping!

Now you can forget about keeping shoeboxes of receipts and manually entering transactions into spreadsheets or accounts packages – because it’s all done for you!
With our online service…

One click!

No need to spend hours messing with complicated spreadsheets! We give you an up to date set all year round along. With your own online account you can produce cash flows and financial reports with one click.

Available 24/7!

Even On Your Mobile Phone! When you become a KAAB client member you get your very own accounts system, accessible from any device, 24/7. Perfect for anyone who wants to know where they stand all year round.

All automatically!

No more late nights or lost weekends! One of the big upsides of the this system is everything is linked to your bank account, you get accurate cash flows that create certainty in your life and your business.


Own dashboard!

KAAB gives you your very own financial dashboard that is kept up to date for you all year round. All you have to do is login from any device you like and you’ll know where you stand in seconds!

Monthly advice!

One of the great things about this system is that it is not just a system. Instead clients get expert monthly sessions where they are taken through the key numbers in their business and given advice to stay out of harms way.

Clever strucuture!

We provide the right trading and tax structure – So that you don’t get any nasty surprises. This system process includes a proven tax reduction strategy with that you benefit from the moment you join.

No mistakes!

This system uses a process that ensures you’ve never got a tax code issue which can lead to missing out on any tax rebates owning to you. And it makes sure you’ll never fall foul of any deadlines or receive any penalties.

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