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Iraj Khatibi | The CEO

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  • Cost reduction & Profit Improvement
  • Accounts & Tax Returns
  • Management Reporting
  • Profit &loss Budget&Cash Flow Forecast
  • Property Taxes
  • Company Setup and Advise
  • Profit improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Tax Fee protection
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Director retirement calculator
  • Director Planning
  • Company Planning
  • Work’s Pension Auto enrolment
  • Research & Development Tax credit
  • Capital allowances on property
  • Enquiries and tax investigations by the tax office
  • Tax Planning & Business Optimisation
  • Other services could be provided through other professionals
  • My specialist knowledge

    I am the CEO, and the founder of this firm. I am a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. I am a qualified chartered accountant,. My experience include working in a practice with many owner managed businesses helping them to grow and helping to reduce legally their taxes. This, coupled with a further experience at a top 25 firm in private practice, enables me to utilise my detailed and varied experience to provide you with a unique perspective on all aspects of your business and personal finance.  I use my business know-how and expertise in the fields of accountancy and tax to understand your personal and business goals and then work closely with you to achieve these.

    I have been building its profile and shaping its strategy and vision since founding KAAB chartered Accountants. I’m involved with a large and diverse range of clients and am always available at the end of a phone or face to face to help you or your business. I’ll help clarify what makes your business tick, and identify how best to increase your profits and personal wealth. I specialise in all owner managed entities.
    It was created to avoid the traditional accounts model that most accountants follow that puts all the work in your lap… “We realised a long time ago that the biggest challenge for our clients wasn’t producing a set of accounts. That’s a commodity. What is much more valuable is to know someone is looking out for you all the way through the year and not just at the end of it!”
    Right now it’s never been tougher to be a small business owner. So being on top of the numbers is an essential component – if you want to avoid unexpected events that can derail your progress. But the traditional accounting model, most accountants use, puts all the pressure on the business owner to keep things up to date and understand how to best maximize their cash flow and tax situation. In other words the only time the numbers are brought up to date is at the end of the year and for many that’s just too late!
    Use The Latest Technology

    The tools now exist to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to keeping a set of accounts. And with this system you get a world class tool set, including your very own online financial dashboard for FREE. The cool thing is your KAAB team keeps it up to date for you!

    Have The Boring But Essential Work Done For You

    As we’ve already said keeping things up to date is tough for most small business owners. That’s why we created this system so you never have to worry and everything is done for you. The best bit is we bring your current set of accounts up to date for FREE when you first join!

    Get Monthly Advice

    Because the traditional accounting model is only focused on producing a set of accounts at the end of the year, most business owners never get advice from their accountant from one year to the next. But with this system you get advice sessions each and every month that avoid you being caught out by things you’d have missed – if you’d been on your own.

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